Competitive Strategies Adopted by Private Universities in Kenya.

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Ogwe, Steve Lucky, Thomas, Joseph and Sitinei, Edwin


Competitive strategy has been concerns with what an organization have been doing in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The stiff competition among the public and private universities, this paper sought to determine the influence of competitive strategies adopted by Privates University in Kenya. The study, the researcher sought to determine the various competitive strategies that Private universities in Kenya adopt in order to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the same industry. The research paper used a case study approach to give an in-depth understanding of the competitive strategies on Privates University in Kenya. The study used both primary and secondary data where primary data was collected using an interview guide and secondary data was collected from audited financial reports and other publications at Privates University in Kenya. Content analysis was used to analyze this data collected from the interviewees. The study concluded that Private Universities in Kenya have adopted various competitive strategies to remain competitive in the market. These were: product(course) differentiation, course cost leadership, customer(students)focus, use of internet to market, offering e-learning, online registration and release of results, strategic alliances and partnerships, horizontal and vertical integration such as acquiring other colleges to ease competition, product (curriculum and course reviews) development such as introduction of new courses, concentrated growth, diversification, market development, and vertical integration.

The study recommends that Private Universities should put in place competitive strategic responses to help them gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Private university should focus on strategies that benefit their organization through increased profitability at the least cost possible. Through the employment of differentiation strategies, Private Universities should find strengths that enable them to broaden their scope within the Private Universities market and identify a position for themselves. Through student and course focus strategy, private university should expand into new markets and identify course products that can help private university compete within the established markets.

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