Embracing Innovative Technology for Low Cost Housing A Kenyan Perceptive

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Mwangi, Patrick & Wasike, Jotham


In the recent past, all sectors of the economy have been evolving, mainly because of adoption of new technology. Despite the fact that many economic sectors in Kenya have embraced e –commerce technology, housing sector still lags behind. The paper sought to investigate factors influencing adoption of e-commerce technology in the housing sector.  The study objectives were to investigate the factors influencing adoption of e-commerce in the housing sector and the study used the following objectives: knowledge of e-commerce benefits, infrastructure and technical skills, IT knowledge and skills among the house owners and cost of implementing e-commerce. The study used a sample of 100 house owners in Nairobi County. Simple random sampling was employed to select the respondents. Descriptive research design was used to explain the phenomenon while correlation was used to establish relationship among variables. The study found out that knowledge of its benefits, IT knowledge and skills and cost of implementing the e-commerce, significantly influenced the adoption of e-commerce technology in the Kenyan housing sector. IT infrastructure and technical skills was found to have less influence in adoption of ecommerce in the housing sector. It was recommended that more training should be done to house owners, youths and youth enterprises to invest in housing sector. The study also recommended that IT specialists and web developers should develop and market a website where both commercial and residential tenant seeking housing facilities can easily access them. 

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