Risks and Existing Health Services for Men Having Sex with Men in Kilifi Town, Kenya

  • Maina, Evah, Butto, Dennis
Keywords: Bisexuality, Heterosexuality, Lesbian, Men having Sex with Men


Homosexuels and especially men who have sex with men, face numerous health risks and limited options for health services due to associated stigma and discrimination from the general population. Understanding these risks is important in designing health promotion and behavior change interventions for this key population group.  The objective of this study was to determine health risks among homosexuals and to establish health promotion and management services for Men having Sex Men (MSM) in Kilifi Town, Kenya. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study and snowballing sampling technique was used to reach MSM. The study revealed that 69.4% of respondents did not use condoms during their last sexual act. There was high prevalence of multiple sexual partners and drug abuse among the study participants. There was limited access to health services with government facilites catering for 87% of respondents. 63.9%, of respondents had experienced some form of discrimination when they last sought health services. This study recommends policy formulation ; health services partnerships and advocacy for homosexuals’ sexual reproductive health to improve health status of men who have sex with men in Kilifi town