Intelligent 2D Outdoor Location Tracking System

  • Gachoki, Nelson, Kamau, Stanley & Ikua, Bernard
Keywords: Outdoor Tracking , Positioning, Real-time tracking


This paper presents results of ongoing work on development of a real-time outdoor positioning system for an escaping target. The overall goal is determination of the location of the target relative to the pursuer in real time and determination of the speed and direction of escape of the target from a pursuer. This paper highlights on the location of a ground moving target confined in a two dimensional (2D) arena. The location parameters of the target are obtained by use of global positioning system (GPS) then transmitted to a central computer for analysis. Velocity of the target in the arena is obtained by use of haversine equation and direction of escape is determined from triangle’s equations. From the data the system determines if the target is escaping and the direction of escape. The results obtained can be used to inform the development of a pursuit algorithm.