African Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering (AJSTE) is an academic
multidisciplinary peer-reviewed yearly publication that seeks to publish original, innovative
research and academic scholarship that contributes to the growth of knowledge in Science,
Technology and Engineering and related fields. Her key audiences are: Scientists in academia
and industry, researchers, students, government agencies/policymakers and citizens with a
passion for “STEM”.
This second edition is aligned with the newest research, interspersed with contemporary
concerns and latest global transposition in Science, Technology and Engineering. It carries
original and full-length articles that reflect the latest research and developments in both
theoretical and practical aspects of global science. It promotes research awareness and
compatibility platform through a concise and methodical interface to cater for all categories
of scholars in science, while encouraging innovativeness and quality research work.
The topical issues in this Journal include : investigation and prosecution of sexual offences in
relation to forensic medical evidence ,attitudes of nurses towards pressure ulcer prevention
guidelines, effects of exotic tree’s litter quality on responses of the adjacent native grasses,
properties of operators in norm-attainable algebras and their applications, effect of varying
thickness on performance of titanium dioxide solar cell, investigating the effect of an IR
emitting element to the time constant of solar energy harvesting device lifetime, and
knowledge sharing using social media as strategy.

The Journal is both in print and online versions.

Published: 2022-03-17

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